Front Door
We decided on a family get-together in Oakland in August 2004.  After a long and stressful real estate process, my brother and his family had bought and moved into a magnificent "1970's modern" house in the Oakland hills earlier in the summer.  We were all very curious to see the house, and Dad decided to fly out from Florida.  Fortunately, my brother decided to fly to Florida to accompany him, as they had all sorts of weather-related problems in Dallas, and they ended up spending the night there, when they should have been in Oakland.  I flew from Providence and met everyone in Oakland. 
Dining Room
Robert W. Adams
Living Room
designed with Homestead
The house is primarily on one level.  The master bedroom suite and an office are upstairs.   You enter in a corner of the house but have a view of the living and dining rooms and through the sliding glass doors to the deck and the canyon. 
Starting to set the dinirig room table for dinner
The living room after the new furniture arrived,
Evan's model plane
Evan's hand-carved Halloween 2004 pumpkin
Grandpa enjoying the rear deck

Evan with a paper model of an airplane that he made. 
the Autumn