Steve Adams
Lauren, Evan and Steve Adams
There were quite a few Legos per special request of Evan.  He went right to work on them and needed little help, even for the toys marked as for older kids.  Still a little help from Mom or Dad or Uncle Dave is sometimes useful.  
There was plenty of time to sample some of Sarasota's many attractions.  The Marina Park had a temporary exhibit of outdoor sculpture, and there were plenty of more active things to do, including playing "Hide and Seek". 
We visited the local Science Museum for the first time.  It's great fun for kids of all ages.  The gears were great fun for Steve (and others). 
April 2001 in Florida
Evan M. Adams Birthday
Evan M. Adams
Evan working through a principle of physics
Evan Michael Adams
Evan and Lauren Adams
Evan and Lauren Adams
Evan made sure that we had a good supply of beautifully decorated eggs for Easter.  As I have come to expect, he had very specific ideas about how each one should be decorated -- and about which ones we could eat and which ones had to be saved.  His Mom provided technical assistance.  My local photo shop asked to display another picture of him concentrating on the decorations. 
Dinosaurs were back in vogue.  His knowledge of paleontology is quite good, and he enjoys dramatic representations of scientific facts.  (One great-grandfather was a movie actor.)  The grown-ups believe this is an allosaurus.  
Evan's birthday number 5 was Easter Monday.  He had had a party with his pals in Oakland, and Grandma and Grandpa gave a party (complete with cupcakes and presents) Sunday evening.  He and his family left Sarasota on the morning of his birthday and traveled to visit his Brown grandparents in Illinois, so he was with all of his grandparents on his birthday.
We also favor Mote Aquarium on Longboat.  Each time we go Evan remembers to head for the tank where he can touch the starfish and molluscs.  He hasn't fallen in yet....
Sarasota's Science Museum is always a hit with all of us.  The exhibits are interactive, and the playground is one of the best in the city.
September 2001
in Florida
Christmas 2001 in Florida
Christmas 2000 in Florida
Steve Adams reading
Steve and Evan Adams
Steve and Evan Adams
at the Sarasota Bay Club
the truck project
time for a story
Lauren, Evan, and Steve
Steve in a quiet moment
A grand time was had by all at some of our usual haunts, including the Science Museum and the pool at Pipers Waite.  This turned out to be the last time that we were all together at the Meadows.  While we were all in Sarasota, we took a tour of the Sarasota Bay Club.  My parents bought an apartment there and moved in December. 
the Play Dough project
"I have to eat HOW many vegetables?"