Lois Gorrell
Bonnie Halpern and David Adams
Bonnie S. Halpern
Cheryl A. Mann
I met some of the friends I have known the longest and am closest to during my Junior Year in France in 1968 and 1969.  We still visit each other as often as we can and enjoy traveling together in France. 
Bonnie, Dan, and Cheryl at breakfast at their hotel
Daniel A. Gorrell
My Junior Year Group (Bonnie, Dan and Lois, as well as Cheryl and Eric) spent late September 1998 together in Provence and on the Riviera. 
For our official birthday dinner together, we went to the 2-star restaurant of Jacques Maximin in the chef's house outside of Vence.  We took these pictures near the end of the meal. 
Everyone except Lois before dessert at Jacques Maximin
Cheryl Mann
me with Bonnie Halpern
Bonnie before dessert
Dan Gorrell at dinner the first night we were all together on the Riviera
Lois Gorrell in a restaurant in Cagnes-sur-Mer telling us about their visit to Gourdon.  Since her audience was by then all aged 50, she thought it was best to bring along a postcard of the hilltop village as a visual aid. 
Bonnie on the footsteps of Van Gogh in St-Remy at the asylum where he stayed
Cheryl with regrets that she was a few weeks early for the local chocolate festival
Cheryl, Bonnie, and Eric Allemano at the Matisse Museum in Nice
David P. Adams
me in the same restaurant in Cagnes
Daniel A. Gorrell
Dan in Mendocino, spring 2001 -- a favorite spot on the coast of northern California
(Lois' photograph)
Bonnie S. Halpern
Cheryl A. Mann
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Eric P. Allemano
Eric in his apartment in Paris - February 2004