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Lisbon Cathedral
Lisbon's colors, hills, and Cathedral
Moulin Rouge
I stay in Paris with a close friend who now lives steps from the bottom of Mont-martre, technically a different neighborhood.  The old, fancy clubs with "les girls" (as we say in French) grandly but scantily clad are steps away at the end of the street - across the boulevand from the supermarket.
The Ringling Mansion, CaDaZan, is part of the Ringling Museum in Sarasota along with art and circus museums
Due to the kind invitation of a friend of a friend, I will be off to Sarasota in a month.  I had more or less decided not to return there, but the idea of staying a few days in a lovely-looking condo on Bradenton Beach in late winter for little cost beyond flying there was too much to resist.  I fly to Sarasota (SRQ) on February 26 on Delta 4749 and 1869 and return to Providence March 1 on Delta 1804 and 4489. 

The house is part of the Bermuda Bay Club at 1417 Gulf Drive N, Brandenton Beach, FL  34217.  The telephone number there is 941-778-5133.  I don't expect to take a computer, so contact me at that # or by my cell 508-641-2504 if you need to reach me.