Eric P. Allemano
eglise St-Jean in Montmartre
I was in France for a little less than two weeks during February 2004.  While in Paris I stayed with my Kenyon friend Eric, who now lives and works there.  He has an apartment on rue d'Orsel toward the bottom of Montmartre near place des Abbesses and rue Lepic.
There are wonderful little food shops on rue Lepic and rue des Abbesses, and prepared dishes are readily available.  I enjoy doing errands in the specialized shops, especially the wonderful cheese shop in the neighborhood.  We took advantage of the good food available in the neighborhood and had dinner several nights in the apartment.  He is having roast quail, while I have a seafood terrine.
Eric P. Allemano
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Nearby Restaurants

Metro Abbesses, Paris 18e

Chez Grisette, 14, rue Houdon,
traditional cooking

La Mascotte, 53, rue des Abbesses,
more gastronomic with a real no-smoking section

Soleil Gourmand, 10, rue Ravignan,
lighter fare with some Middle Eastern influence
and some vegetarian dishes
Metro Abbesses
David P. Adams
Eglise St-Jean
rue des Abbesses
Abbesses Metro station
one of the original Art Nouveau entrances
looking up at Sacre-Coeur from a couple of blocks away
While in Paris I took a side trip by train to the city of Nancy in Lorraine to see the 18th-century and Art Nouveau architecture.