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This is the only portrait that I have of my Adams ancestors.  They lived in Hoagland and later Fort Wayne. 

My grandfather, Charles (originally Karl) is the younger man in the upper right.  He was born on October 28, 1881, and is the youngest sibling.  He died on May 11, 1969.  
His older brother William is the man in the upper left.  He married Sophie Felger in 1891 and had four sons and a daughter.  Two of their sons became local officials. 
Their half-sister Elizabeth is next to William.  (My Dad always says he had lots of "Uncle Willi's".)  She married George Harris and had five children. 
My great-aunt Louise is next to her.  She married Fred Reincke and had one son. 
My great-aunt Minnie is on my grandfather's right.  She married Henry Lange in 1891 and had three children. My great-aunt Emma is on my grandfather's left. She married August Krueckeberg in 1891 and had five children. 
My great-grandparents William and Mary Adam are in front. 
Esther Adams Buesching
Dad's picture of me with my Aunt Esther in 1952
Dad and His Family
Esther Elizabeth (Adams) Buesching, born on February 20, 1905, and died on January 2, 1985.
Her husband, Oscar A. Buesching, was born on August 28, 1901, and died on October 22, 1984.  They were married in 1943. 
I think this portrait of my grandmother was taken for her 50th wedding anniversary on May 8, 1954.  My Dad and I took the train to Fort Wayne together to visit then.  My brother was sick, so he and Mom stayed on Long Island. 
"Grandma Mimi" (as we called her) in the back yard in the late 1960's.  She grew flowers and a few tomatoes every summer. 
The house at 1133 Kinsmoor in Fort Wayne where my Dad grew up
When I was young,.we had a joint birthday dinner for him, my grandmother, and me at the dining room table in Fort Wayne at the end of every summer after a vacation together on a lake in southeastern Michigan. 
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