My Grandparents
Arthur H. Cole
My Aunt and Uncle
on the Adams Side
My Aunt and Uncle on the Cole Side
a formal portrait of my Grandfather Cole
The portrait may have been taken when he retired from the Harvard Business School in the 1950's. 
Esther (Adams) and Oscar Buesching
In the back year of our first house in Ann Arbor, MI,  when I graduated from high school in 1966
Esther Adams Buesching
Oscar Buesching
From a visit to Fort Wayne, IN,  in the spring of 1972,
from the clothes perhaps just before going out to dinner
Prof. Arthur H. Cole
Arthur H. Cole
Charles and Elizabeth Adams
My Dad's picture of my Grandfather Cole and me at their house on Fresh Pond Parkway in Cambridge, MA, circa 1950
Charles and Elizabeth Adams
my Adams grandparents in
my Dad's portrait from the early 1950's
My Parents,
Who Are Now Grandparents