Bertram B. Parker and Eric P. Allemano
Early in the summer of 2000 Bert invited Eric and me for a long weekend at his home on the shore in Rhode Island in lieu of a trip to Gambier, Ohio, for our 30th Kenyon College reunion. 
Bert and Eric enjoying the sea breeze in Bert's boathouse
Bert in his garden
Bertram B. Parker
The two of us by the pool
The pictures below are from April 2001.  I took a detour on the way to visit with family in Sarasota and visited Bertram B. Parker in Key West, Florida.  His only residence is now a lovingly restored (by others) mid-1800's house in the historic part of the city.  I had a grand tour of all of the points of interest, visited plenty of shops, and ate in some of the finest restaurants.  I was glad to be able to visit him in Key West about a year later. 
Eric P. Allemano
Eric on a less official shopping
mission in St Paul de Vence
Christopher A. Bloom, Maastricht, the Netherlands
Christopher Bloom, Biarritz, France
Christopher Bloom, Jumieges, France
image downloaded from the College's site
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Old Kenyon, Kenyon College
Kenyon College Friends
Class of 1970
Christopher A. Bloom
Class of '73
in Europe
June 1972
With his "Dutch girlfriend" in Maastricht
Jumieges, Normandy, France
Biarritz, France
Eric P. Allemano in Mali
Eric P. Allemano in Paris
Dr. Eric P. Allemano in Paris.  In 2002 he took a position with an agency connected to UNESCO. 
Eric in Mali during a 2001 business trip