Previous Travel to France
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I was in France March 19 through April 3, 2003.  I flew on US Air from Boston to Paris via Philadelphia and was able to be upgraded to very comfortable business class seats for both trans-Altantic flights. 

I was first in the southwest for a week or so in the departments for Gers, Lot, and Tarn.  I stayed in Auch, Condom (it's a quaint village!), Cahors, and Albi

I flew from Toulouse to Paris on the 28th.  Cheryl Mann had already arrived.  I stayed with my Kenyon friend Eric, who works in Paris and has an apartment in Montmartre.  It was great to see him and to stay in an apartment.  We all had dinner together each evening and managed to do plenty of sightseeing, including on Montmartre, which I had not been to for years. 
Palais du Louvre
le Palais du Louvre as the weather changed
Pompidou Museum sculpturefountain
France Travel 2004
I was in France for nearly two weeks in February 2004.  I took Air France flights directly from Boston on new Boeings.  The flights were comfortable but full, in part because of school trips over the week of Presidents' Day.  I arrived early on the 12th and returned on the 23rd.  In Paris I stayed with Eric Allemano, who lives on Montmartre.  I also spent a few days in Nancy in the Lorraine region.  The city has 18th-century and Art Nouveau architecture. 
River Seine at sunset looking toward the Louvre
Travel During 2003
modern sculpture in the courtyard of le Palais Royal
St Peter's in Condom
detail of the carvings decorating the entrance to St Peter's in the town of Condom