Evan M. Adams
Pictures of my Nephew
Evan M. Adams
Evan M. Adams
the family Christmas card for 2001 --  dressed up for a family wedding
swimming in Oakland
Evan Adams with Lego plane
Christmas 2001 in Sarasota
with his Grandmother's cane -- for years a favorite toy --
at the Sarasota Bay Club
Evan M. Adams, Easter 2001
at the swimming pool in Oakland summer 2001
He wanted to make Easter eggs as part of his visit to his grandparents in Sarasota during the spring of 2001.  As I expected, he had definite ideas about how to decorate each egg and about which ones could be eaten and which ones should be kept.  My local phot shop asked me to let them display the above picture of him at work. 
my brother's picture of Evan after he completed a large Lego airplane
at his grandparents (Pipers Waite house)
Sarasota Easter 2001. 
at play at Sarasota's Science Museum during the Easter visit with Van Wezel Hall in the background
Evan Adams and Ned Brown
with his Uncle Ned Brown in Santa Barbara, CA, summer 2002
Evan Adams, Christmas 2004
with his homemade comic book
Evan's offering
The Happy Boy with his presents
Christmas 2004 in Sarasota
with completed homemade comic book
at Christmas 2003 in Sarasota
with a memorial he made at school for his Grandma Adams, who died late in 2002
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