East Walpole House
New colors and wreaths in Walpole just before the first snow.
to Sarasota for Christmas 2000
As has become our family tradition, all of the Adams family was together for Christmas at my parents' house in Florida.
I traveled to Florida on December 20th.  Steve and his family had arrived the day before from Oakland.  Grandma and Grandpa gladly welcomed everyone to their house in the Meadows with smiles and open arms. 
It is now Evan's and my job to put up and decorate the tree.  He has been fascinated by the lights and ornaments for several years and has definite ideas about where each and every one should go.  (The picture is from Christmas 1998.)  Once the tree was decorated, all sorts of presents started to appear.    
Robert W. and Barbara C. Adams
Evan M. Adams Christmas 1998
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